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System for digital recording of sound

ED Electronic Design Ltd. developed fully new, specialized system for efficient recording of sound in casinos, which unites numerous different working solutions, components and instruments,... system, that is the fruit of years and years of planning and it is based on our experiences, hard work and development in the field of gambling. It is unique, efficient system for recording of audio in this specialized industry.


Quality perception and recognition of sounds during the operation of casino (money boxes, game tables, protected areas, ... ), quality recording of this sounds, suitable archiving of data and friendly, efficient analyses of storage data; are the problems that managers of casinos are more than aware of.

Problems demands evidently recognizable perception of sounds from entire casino, absence of anomalies in sound that could influence the quality of sound controlling in any way, and efficient and simple administration of the system.


System is basically structured from:

Sensors, that are installed on various locations of casino and they are in function of sound converters that transform sound to electric information (microphones). Sensors are electrostatic, so-called capacitor or ribbons microphones. Regarding the characteristic of sound perception from surroundings, they divide in to few types (pointed, omni directional, less or more sensitive,... ). Quality detection depend on coverage of wide frequency spectrum (20Hz – 20 khz, ), top signal and noise ratio(90 dB or better), absence of microphone feedback, anomalies and disturbances, small distortion, linearity, stable workflow (absence on oscillations), long lifespan and high reliability.

Wiring. Regarding that sensor transforms sound into relatively weak electric signal, this signal is relative collector of disturbances. That’s why amplifier is directly in sensor. At first, weak level of electric signal, is a bit amplified and prepared to be transferred through the wiring. Quality wiring, that can be also 200m per sensor, of highest importance. State of the art installation and cable with suitable construction and quality are of highest priority. If investor already has at disposal lower quality of wire installation, we can provide quality solution by using our special power filter unit.

Electronic, power linear, filter unit serves as transformer of signal that is suitable for transfer of sound information through computer net (ethernet) and at the same time to distribute audio signal to control monitors. ED – MDU 8 is 8 channel instrument, designed specially for this use. If application demands larger number of channels, it is necessary to add suitable number of instruments. Device on input, filter disturbances, that are outside of useful signal. Sensors are not recognizing sound fully linearly, that’s why frequency compensation is implemented making it linear and amplified. Signal is amplified so much, that sensors can recognize quieter talk, rustling, chattering,.. from few meters. Accidental (possible) loud peaks from sound signals near the sensor (if needed), are reorganized with active built-in dynamic limiters. ED - MDU 8 is assembled from electronic modules, works at the same time as impedance adaptor between sensors and instruments, which digitaly transfer signal to recording devices and at the same time reproduce it analog.

System for transfer recording of sound signal . Sound signal, is transferred at the same time as video signal in two different ways. Supervisor listens what occurs on location, but at the same time video and sound from all cameras and microphones is recorded. Digital transfer of sound is distributed over “ethernet” computer net.

System for recoding and reproduction of sound. Sound records on hard disks ( hard drives), that archive all sound and video data for a long time. Custom user interface allows simple search and analysis of recorded material.

Regarding efficiency of workflow, reliability and functionalism, ED system for digital recording of sound in casinos offer state of the art technology. For more informations, please contact us directly at ED Electronic Design Ltd.

Browser – Graphically kind for user

- display 1, 4, 9 or 16 recordings on screen
- time synchronous delay
- Alpha Technology »virtual video matrix«, function push and pull. Controlling from analog video to outside devices
- Intelligent search
- Useful profile